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Established in 2013, We are lead factory based in Suzhou China, producing various container houses used as office,accommodation, dining hall, kitchen, ablution and classroom etc. We have more than 80 workers with 1000 units capacity per month. With CE, ISO, SGS, fire rating, wind load and structure certificates, our container houses have advantages such as  Strong Structure, Fast Installation, Cost Effective and Flexible combination.

1. Foldable Container House(USD1900, 10 units in one 40ft shipping container)

2. Flat Pack Container House(USD1850,15 units in one 40ft shipping container)

3. Expandable Container House(USD7500,2 units in one 40ft shipping container)

4. Slide out Container House (USD17000,2 units in one 40ft shipping container)

5. Modified shipping container House(USD9000,shipped as shipping container)


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